Midwest Chlorinating & Testing provides Line Tapping or Pressure Tapping services up to 20". The pressure tap procedure is a means of tapping a pressurized pipe without disrupting pressure or service upstream of the tap. 

A pressure tap is first made by installing a suitable saddle or sleeve around the main that is capable of retaining the internal pressure of the main.  A compatible valve with clear bore is attached, through which the pressure tap is performed. Pressure taps can be performed to make a branch connection onto an existing line or be used to make a line stop to perform any necessary maintenance and be used to install a in-line valve under pressure.

Pressure Tap Procedure

  1.  Assemble fitting around the main.
  2. Mount temporary tapping valve to fitting.
  3. Mount tapping machine to full port valve.
  4. Pressure tap pipe through open valve.
  5. Retract cutter contain coupon with special retaining clips on pilot to insure retention.
  6. Close temporary valve and remove tapping machine.
  7. Utilize hole in pipe to perform a line stop or make a branch connection.

Line Tapping services