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Our Message:
  • Do you need a valve where there is not one?
  • Do you need to replace fire hydrants and/or leaky valves, but do not want to shut down several blocks to do so?
  • Do you need to do any underground service like directional drilling line stopping or chlorination done quickly and safely?
  • Line-Stopping Services 4”-12”
  • Under pressure Valve Installations
  • Line Tapping or Pressure Connections thru 20”
  • Chlorinating and De-Chlorinating Services
Why Choose Midwest Chlorinating Inc.?

Considering the amount of work involved just to keep a water system operational, Midwest Chlorinating Inc. located in McHenry, IL can help in your overall maintenance program for both planned and unforeseen emergency projects. We offer chlorination, testing and de-chlorination services. We also provide many other underground services like directional drilling, line tapping up to 20" and line stopping services for pipe diameters through 12” and Valve insertion services on 4” through 12”. 

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Midwest Chlorinating Inc.

Midwest Chlorinating Inc. Provides:
  • Rapid response time for all your testing needs.
  • Quick turn over of IEPA lab results ensuring prompt project completions.
  • Full Range of services will reduce the cost of using several companies.

Water takes multiple steps and uses many different resources before it gets to your tap.  In many cases, treated water is too valuable to waste. 

Water utilities spend millions of dollars per year on electricity that is used to treat and deliver water alone. And around 10% of the electricity a municipality generates is used just to treat, heat, and pump water to homes and businesses.

The negative effects of shutting down the system and draining the water to make repairs to water mains are essentially two-fold; Not only is all the treated water lost from draining the system after a shutdown but the system has to be refilled after repairs are made to get the system up and running.  We'll save the risks associated with letting thousands of gallons of water drain into the hole that you'll be working in up to your imagination.

The bottom line: Water is the most important resource on the Planet, way too important to be wasted.  It is more valuable than gold and more important oil. We need water to live, period.

Midwest Chlorinating Inc. is a Premier Underground Service Provider in the Midwest.  
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