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The patented IVP250 is a resilient seat wedge valve that uses bullet stopper technology to stop flow in all types of pipe 4” thru 12” & 16” and can be installed under, pressure up to 250 PSI. IVP 250 meets and exceeds industry standards for years of trouble-free service. IVP250 provides a safer more economical way of inserting valves in your system, is easy to use, and will enable you to have a viable operating valve in half the time without service disruption and providing immediate system control.  IVP250 valves are self-contained, eliminating contaminants in your system.

Valve Insertion Services

Midwest Chlorinating offers two types of insertion valves: The Hydra-Stop IVP 250 and AVT EZ Valve. 

The EZ™ system is a unique Valve Insertion/Line stopping design that meets all material and performance expectations while delivering a compact and fast alternative to traditional Valve Insertion methods. It was developed to provide important performance and installation benefits (under pressure installations) to professionals working under difficult conditions and with critical needs. Sizes 4” (100mm)-14” (350mm), 16” (400mm), 20” (500mm) and 24" (600mm).

Valve Insertions provide a means of a permanent system control the valve is installed into a pressurized water main with no interruption of flow through the pipe and no reduction of line pressure. Valve Insertions permanently remain in the water distribution piping to allow shutdowns in the same manner as any gate or butterfly valve originally installed with the water main would do.

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EZ™ Insertion Valve System